EURO 2024 draw. Game, date and hour

Preparations for the final phase of the European Championship which will be played in Germany in the summer of 2024 began on 2 December in Hamburg.

The draws, as expected, provided some surprises. In group A there is Germany which as guest country will play the first match of the European Championship against Scotland on 14.06.2024 at 9.00 pm, and Hungary against Switzerland. An excellent draw for the Germans who must have no problems passing the groups.
In group B which is considered the ironclad group are Spain, Croatia, the reigning champions Italy and Albania. A guaranteed spectacle is expected until the last match where all four national teams will play on equal terms even if Albania literally seems to be the least dangerous opponent, it should not be judged given that they qualified as first in their group ahead of Poland and Czech Republic.
England are in Group C with Denmark, Slovenia and Serbia. Besides England, the other teams appear to be competing against each other for second place.
France also finds Holland and Austria once again in group D after the qualifiers. The fourth team will be the winner of the final phase of the playoffs in group A.
In group E Belgium must not have problems with Slovakia Romania and the fourth team will be established from the playoff of group B.
In the last group is Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal who made a perfect qualification by winning all their matches. The other teams are Turkey and the Czech Republic who clash for the third time in the final phase of a European championship, the first two precedents saw Turkey triumph. And the fourth team in the group will be established by the winner of the playoffs in group C.


PosGroup AWDLGoalsPTS
1 Germany0000-00
2 Scotland0000-00
3 Hungary0000-00
4 Switzerland0000-00
Germany-Scotland21:00 (14.06.24)
Hungary-Switzerland15:00 (15.06.24)
Germany-Hungary18:00 (19.06.24)
Scotland-Switzerland21:00 (19.06.24)
Switzerland-Germany21:00 (23.06.24)
Scotland-Hungary21:00 (23.06.24)


PosGroup BWDLGoalsPTS
1 Spain0000-00
2 Croatia0000-00
3 Italy0000-00
4 Albania0000-00
Spain-Croatia18:00 (15.06.24)
Italy-Albania21:00 (15.06.24)
Croatia-Albania15:00 (19.06.24)
Spain-Italy21:00 (20.06.24)
Croatia-Italy21:00 (24.06.24)
Albania-Spain21:00 (24.06.24)


PosGroup CWDLGoalsPTS
1 Slovenia0000-00
2 Denmark0000-00
3 Serbia0000-00
4 England0000-00
Slovenia-Denmark18:00 (16.06.24)
Serbia-England21:00 (16.06.24)
Slovenia-Serbia15:00 (20.06.24)
Denmark-England18:00 (20.06.24)
England-Slovenia21:00 (25.06.24)
Denmark-Serbia21:00 (25.06.24)


PosGroup DWDLGoalsPTS
1Play-off A0000-00
2 Netherlands0000-00
3 Austria0000-00
4 France0000-00
Play-off A-Netherlands
Austria-France21:00 (17.06.24)
Play-off A-Austria
Netherlands-France21:00 (26.06.24)
France-France18:00 (25.06.24)
Netherlands-Austria18:00 (25.06.24)


PosGroup EWDLGoalsPTS
1 Belgium0000-00
2 Slovakia0000-00
3 Romania0000-00
4Play-off B0000-00
Belgium-Slovakia18:00 (17.06.24)
Romania-Play-off B
Belgium-Romania21:00 (22.06.24)
Slovakia-Play-off B
Slovakia-Romania18:00 (26.06.2024)
Play-off B -Belgium18:00 (26.06.2024)


PosGroup FWDLGoalsPTS
1 Turkey0000-00
2Play-off C0000-00
3 Portugal0000-00
4 Czech Republic0000-00
Turkey- Play-off C
Portugal-Czech Republic21:00 (18.06.24)
Turkey-Portugal18:00 (22.06.24)
Play-off C -Czech Republic
Czech Republic-Turkey21:00 (26.06.24)
Portugal- Play-off C21:00 (26.06.24)

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